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Cool Diary

by Malcolm Mejin

Publisher - Pelangi ePublishing Sdn. Bhd.

Category - Teen Novel

ONE BOY. ONE ULTIMATE SECRET. Cool looks like just any other normal student in school. But no one knows that he is ‘different’. So different that he is able to do things that no one else can. Cool knows that he has to protect this heavily-guarded secret. No humans must know about this. But Cool is on the verge of revealing his secret. Part of him wants to share this secret with someone he can trust—but another part of him is afraid that his trust will be betrayed. Embroiled in a turmoil of self-doubt and uncertainty, Cool is about to face something bigger than his own problems. Something sinister is lurking, threatening to inflict unimaginable destruction and even—deaths. Cool’s secret may be the ultimate key to saving what’s left … of humankind.

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